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I've currently got 17" factory 200 series land cruiser rims fitted to my UEV440 but looking to change them to 18" to match the tyres on my car.

Has anyone got 18" rims fitted that can still have the centre cap fitted?

I tried some CSA wheels but due to the big protruding hub assembly and bearing cap the centre cap isn't deep enough to be fitted back on.

Der Wutzl

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Hi Stretto

Be careful what you wish for.

We have only recently swapped all of our 18" rims for 17" rims (490 and Prado) since you cannot get a proper offroad tyre to fit an 18" rim (as at middle last year).  Cooper make a 285/65/18 but this tyre is ilegal on a Prado (presumably 200 series) since it is oversize.  If you have had a lift this will make it even more ilegal.

Maybe things have changed since then.

Hope this helps, Klaus

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That's a bit concerning. I am just about to order a brand new DMax with the 18" wheels. I was looking at least at matching rolling diameter withe the 440 tyre. Looks like I'll be investigatin further. Bucko
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