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We have the factory fitted Webasto hot water system. When installed we just went with the hot water and requested the plumbing installed for the cabin heating but with no cabin outlets. (We live in Darwin) The system has the ref handled cock fitted to switch from hot water to cabin.
Does anyone have the diagrams/pictures and or internal blower switching systems for the Webasto unit. ? There are PDFs available online but no detail on the internal fan parts or fitment.
We are looking at a trip through the center in July and the cabin heat would be good.
Thanks. Paul

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Hi Paul,  I have an electronic copy of the Webasto manual supplied kindly to me by William the Conqueror, Pm me and I can supply it to you. As for the red Handle in the front storage compartment I just leave it in the halfway position as this is simply a diverter valve, so then the hot water and cabin heating both work at the same time. We`re also in Darwin & dont use the heating but it all worked fantastic like this on a huge trip to Victoria & back last winter. Now it just lives in the halfway position.

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Hi Paul,
Couldn`t find Webasto`s info on the fan but the one I fitted is the same, so  have a look at Diesel Heating Australia web site the Kalori fan heater (heat exchanger) is $350 plus postage and is 210x141x156 mm you will need power to the two speed fan and as long as CA ran the two hot water hoses to the back of the control panel that connect to the fan inlet and outlets you will then need to complete the cut out for the fan and it should fit straight in . DHA has some drawings of systems and of the fan which maybe of help till you get more details on the Webasto one.
ps don`t` know if your able to move the fans location?? but mine is fitted at floor level (tucked in behind the wheel arch) and you get nice heat around your feet when seated at the table or a warm bed . 
William the Conqueror

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Paul - I have sent you a private message rather than post heaps of questions on the thread. (save lots of boring back and forth conversation)

I will post info once you reply for other members if the need it.



Vive Les Peuerels
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