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William the Conqueror

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If your in WA and want to borrow one, send me a PM and I will let you have a loan of mine. It has a remote wireless head and a video and still camera capability.

Although, like I said - difficult to get a clear indication due to the shininess of the powder coat.



Vive Les Peuerels

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I'm going to put another spin on this, not knowing sh*t about campers and having a partner at the time who was going to rip someones head off she was so angry.

If you've bought brand new you shouldn't have to be fixing things...AT ALL.

Sure if the fridge goes then under warranty replace it.

But fixing leaks that's bullsh*t.

My "new" 345 was leaking, it came down to missing rivets etc, but I was assured and questioned extensively by whoever the guy was that is not at Conqueror anymore, "was I sure I packed it up properly?" because our workshop guys do intensive testing"...well really do they because there were a few rivets missing that caused the leaking.

If my camper was second hand no problem would've paid less taken it to the 4WD guys got it fixed, knowing it was second hand and lived with it.

The only reason that it is in working order now is the great work by the guys at Opposite Lock, and it wasn't just the rivets that were a problem, I did have a fantastic list of all that went wrong, happy to post it again for some light entertainment.

The advice from people on here is amazing, helpful and full of knowledge, half the stuff, lets be honest I have no idea what they're talking about.

I paid $25k and hounded Conqueror for repairs, I don't know what yours was worth but it's not right, if it's new then you shouldn't be doing repairs.

Then on top is the excitement of first getting it, then the let down, then the embarrassment that you paid for it, the frustration of getting things repaired (I'm a long way away from HQ), things have been repaired on the 345 and it's good to use, not great to use because there was so much let down in the middle that it drained us.

I had thoughts of selling, but couldn't do that to someone and the fear that it was getting so bad that it was unroadworthy.

I contacted QLD Fair Trading and had a word with them, very interesting conversation .

Oh, quick question/statement, I work in a contracting area, I'd love to know others views, be very careful of ANY repairs of your own, even silicone....and voiding a warranty...just my opinion though.

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JRad, well spoken and I 100% agree with you.

Think of it this way. If you buy a new mobile phone from lets say a fruit brand, and it doesn't work. Would you take the soldering iron and start fixing it yourself? If the software didn't work, would you start hacking the software until it was fixed? No, you would go back to the shop and throw the phone in the face of the sales guy, exchange a few very unfriendly sentences, and demand a replacement or your money back. That's the behaviour I would expect for a product with a price tag of around $1000 and for most of us that's already a lot of money.
Thankfully, most phone manufacturers get that and therefore do an extensive amount of testing before they release a new product and they outsource the production to a cheap labour country, but they put extensive quality control on top to ensure that it meets their high quality demands.

I'm in Software Development which is quite different from manufacturing camper trailers, but there are a few similarities. One important similarity is technical debt. What this means is that if a manufacturer delivers a faulty product to a customer which makes them unhappy, the manufacturer then needs to fix that which takes time, which means that an engineer in the workshop can't work on new stuff, so the next big delivery gets delayed, which will piss off another customer. So what happens next is that the engineer does a quick fix because he's pressured by the sales guy who has a quota he needs to achieve before the end of the month. So the engineer does a few bits and pieces and it just works, but it's a shortcut and sooner or later that hack is going to play up again, and then the company finds itself spending more and more time fixing problems and has less and less time to be innovative or to deliver new products to customers that work 'out-of-the-box' the first time. This is called technical debt and it's a death-spiral. It gets worse and worse until the company finds itself at a point-of-no-return where it is spending all their time on fixing crap they delivered before, and have zero time left for new deliveries. In the mean time, word of mouth has started to bring the poor quality of the company to the attention of prospective buyers and at some point cash flow will stop, and that's the end of everything.

Even if the company manages to stay alive it's still bad news, because the struggling company will try to save money so either they get cheaper / unqualified staff, or they buy cheaper / poor quality materials, and they certainly will stop innovating and hence will be producing a product that is not improving on an annual basis and hence the market value (and hence resale value of our UEV's) will go down. The individuals in that company *know* that they have dissatisfied customers and that their company is struggling to set a high standard, which will de-motivate them further, which will make things only worse.

Based on the evidence that I can see I am concluding that Conqueror HAS to improve their quality or else they WILL die.

Note that there likely isn't a single person in the company that is uniquely at fault here. Everyone probably tries their best to do a decent job, but the various departments seem misaligned and that's where the problems start. Of course the total opacity with which Conqueror operates means we're all starting guessing games as to what is happening and that can quickly go out of hand, i.e. I am jumping to conclusions based on what I can see and I may be totally wrong. 
A possible solution to this problem is Quality Assurance (there are other options as well), i.e. there needs to be an individual person who has ONE task only: to extensively check every product before picking up the phone to discuss a delivery date with the customer. That QA person specifically should have no reporting responsibility whatsoever to the sales organisation, and maybe should get a bonus for every problem he/she finds. Any problem found by that QA person needs to be fixed by the manufacturing team, and then the product will be re-tested. A QA engineer is a senior engineer, not a just hired junior who is afraid to piss-off anyone because it could become their team lead in the future.

The second important process for any manufacturer is blameless retrospectives, i.e. learning from your mistakes. It's OK to make a mistake, but it's NOT OK to make the same mistake again and again. It's always possible that something slips under the radar, but every mistake should be made only once, and should end up a) as an improvement in the sales/production process and b) as an additional check on the QA guys' check list.

These are very simple production principles. It's not rocket science and a lot of companies work this way.

The amount of unhappy customers, just on this forum, the severity of the reported issues but specifically the fact that the same mistakes are made again and again are evidence that such a QA function does not exist at Conqueror. I know that we all like our UEV's and that we all want to be nice and respectful, but I'm at a point where I have now heard the same promises from the n'th new management and it's still pathetic. At best you'll get a "we can't answer right now because we're busy selling more of our crap on the next 4x4 show".

I expect Integrity and Quality from a company that dares to ask +$50K for a product. Both are lacking from Conqueror, and it astonishes me that we - as a community - are being abused by Conqueror to provide a top notch level of support that *should* be delivered by Conqueror. It should not be necessary for this forum to give guidance how to fix all the god damn holes that Conqueror left open, and it should not be necessary to explain how to set up the awning. There should be a thick manual with photos and a on-line video explaining how to setup the camper. I'm OK to give those tips to anyone who buys second hand, but not to someone who has just signed a personal loan for five years and is now discovering the dark side of a company. What we should do instead is collectively drive to HQ and tear down the shop and make it clear that what they are doing is absolutely unacceptable.

PS. I acknowledge that my language is deteriorating on this website, so I don't give a damn if I am going to be accidentally deleted. I'm done talking on this forum until I hear some positive news : FROM CONQUEROR. 

Yes Conqueror, I dare you to speak up and - as Anette Weisse told me - "take ownership of your problems". But then, that's probably not going to happen since the last log-in from Conqueror was in December (last time I checked). Evidence of how much you care about customer feedback.

'over and out'



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My partner and I are currently standing and applauding that post.


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Well said couldn't agree more .

Colin .
With the Re constructed Companion .

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Gee, doesnt this sound and seem like De-ja-vu to all us long term Conqueror owners!

Doesnt sound like anythings improved with the new owners after all.. the initial 3 months they were motivated, but I'd say that now they have realised the inherent and inherited issues they face and that motivation has diminished like it has done previously..



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ED (4fun) and JRAD,
I couldn't have said it better. WELL DONE.
A classic example:  I posted on here that I had water leaks in the storage tubs behind the wheels.  
DOC replied :I  experienced the same problem and he took his camper back to HQ. They found the fault and fixed it.

Then NO camper should ever leave HQ with that same problem. Clearly they still are.

Ive also been told, on no less then two occasions now, 
"we can't answer right now because we're busy selling more of our crap on the next 4x4 show".

I don't want to use this forum to just bag out Conqueror and I will repeat the statement, " I love the product ". I just hope that others will be "buyer beware", until such time that conqueror HQ pull their finger out and take some simple steps to rectify, what appears to be continual ongoing issues.

I look forward to the day, my only post, is a pic around a campfire, with a smile on my face.


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Well I'm now 6 months into my "New" camper. It has been back to Conqueror Newcastle for a three week stint to try and repair a number of issues relating to power, hot water and water leaks.  Im pleased to say, that 2 out of 5 issues got repaired. I guess I should be happy. 
That leaves me to the other 3 items.
Hot water system not working. Peters suggestion, I should update to the webasto diesel heater.  After being assured it was all fixed , I got home hooked it all up, zilch, nothing , nada, zip.  Sent to the manufacturers, technicians assure me its working 100% , therefore its must be the pump or something to do with the way its hooked up tit he camper.
Battery management system not working: Peters solution, " I should upgrade to the redarc BMS, add solar panels to the roof and look at upgrading to the new batteries".
After doing my best not to laugh, a new control panel has been ordered, should only take 8 weeks to arrive in the country.

Water leaks, all fixed, we knew what the problem was, simple issue, tested all good.  First rain since getting the camper back, surprise surprise, inch of water filling the storage tubs behind the wheels.
Yes, some of you will get on here and tell me how wonderful your experience has been with conqueror and Peter two years ago.  But I'm still to be convinced that these days, its all just about selling more campers and lining their pockets.
I still shake my head at him believing I would spend another 7 to 8 thousand dollars upgrading my faults, because they can't get it right.
And by the way, he informed me on the day he would email my quotes for the upgrades, well surprisingly that email never arrived either.

Still hopeful one day.  Fulvio

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