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We are selling our 2013 Conqueror UEV-490 Evolution. This 490 Evolution is appointed with all of the Evolution high quality equipment along with extras that we have added. Those extras include fly screen walls for both the dinning annex and bathroom annex. These are made from high quality midgee proof screen. They simply attach to the annex using velcro and take seconds to install. These can be seen in the photographs.These are used in place of the standard canvas walls (also included). A stand-alone Redarc solar regulator has been incorporated into the high quality electrical system. Along with the regulator is 240 watts of portable solar panels ( 2x 120w). This solar set up along with the two 105 Amp Hour batteries means that you can be "off-grid" until you run out of food or beer (unless you catch enough fish). Another inclusion is the Oz-Tent. When in its bag, it mounts on the rear luggage / firewood rack perfectly. This is also shown in the photographs. The extras we had added from factory were two internal fans and 1500w inverter. The 490 has been maintained to a high standard by an ex-Army mechanic. It has always been stored in an enclosed shed. Living in this 490 on extended camping trips makes for a fantastic trip. It is easy to prepare, easy to access everything and easy to clean at the end. Waking up without a sore back because the mattress is so comfortable is one of the standout features. The Webasto diesel hot water system means hot showers everyday. When it gets really cold outside the internal heater makes for a cosy place to be on winter nights. The tyres have about 85% tread left and the trailer is registered until Feb 2017. If you have any questions about anything that I have not mentioned, please contact me by email at or phone 0429741316.


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"UEV-490 Evolution"

Sharon Mchenry-Allan

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This would be sold by now I imagine?
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