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Hi all,
We have the fox wing on our UEV490, don't forget to silicone along the new track, as you will get water seepage into the pantry etc.
Can't remember the brand, Filbee will have it though.
Just spent 3 days and nights under very wet conditions in Bright Victoriaq and the awning worked a treat, even though it is a bit narrower than the original, which now sits on the shower side.
Looking forward to The Gibson and Great Victoria Deserts in July, via the Beadell Tracks, will finish up at Warburton, Uluru and back to Vic on the blacktop..

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Thanks for all the replies and pointers!

Conqueror SA not interested and no plans to do swing out awnings,

As suggested I have found a manufacturer of awnings that will custom make this,
I would really appreciate it if the guys with these awnings can assist with some more pics, especially of attachment points for awning as well as side walls

Hopefully we can get the custom one right the first time

Many thanks


PS: Apologies if I hijacked the thread, not sure if I should start a new one?

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