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Anyone who has looked at a UEV390 will be familiar with the way the metal table folds and slides upside down into the back of the body of the camper - sitting horizontally under the tent and above the main body of the camper.

I have recently had some spare time, so decided to cut back the rust on the table and re-spray it - I can lubricate the "runners" within the camper as best I can, but I am certain when I slide it back it will get re-scratched, purely due to the unevenness of the floor.....due solely to age (wear and tear).

A guy at the hardware place suggested fitting right angled plastic "runners" along each side of the table ?

Does anyone have any better suggestions or experience with this ?

Sunshine Coast
William the Conqueror

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Thank God Dave - I thought I was typing to myself for a while LOL

I helped a guy in Perth with a similar issue. Instead of plastic, I used a nylon (I think that is what it was) strips that are used as slides in drawers and boat runners. Got it from a specialist plastics mob in Perth so will need to go back and find the address/product details. they cut it to length, thickness and width for us.

It is a lot more durable than plastic. It was attached with countersunk rivets and of course some sikkaflex.

Will chase up the details and post or it may be enough info for you to investigate in QLD.



Vive Les Peuerels
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