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I have recently purchased a UEV-390 and so far been very happy, however, have had some frustrations with Conqueror Australia in getting the manual for the trailer and some other purchase issues. I took it a way for the last week and in main very happy. I bought a 150W solar panel and connected it to the trailer with an Anderson plug. I connected it via a 10amp regulator. With very little sun for the week I managed to just get the fridge and lights running for the 6 days.

My query is twofold: should I be running the solar panel through the regulator on the solar panel or is there already a regulator in the trailer? Second, is 150W panel enough to run a trailer in normal conditions with 200amh of battery and running a 90L fridge, LED lights and a Webasto diesel heater at times?

Many thanks fo any advice thanks Jamie
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It all depends on the BMS/charger system that your trailer has installed. Some of the earlier ones required a regulator.

If you post details of the charger model installed, I can provide more info.



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Hey Jamie I used my new 390 over xmas and tested out my solar panel On it. I just plugged the panel into the Anderson plug and all worked well. The regulator was on the solar panels not the camper too. I ran 160w that was plenty for fridge and lights

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Hello Jamiei,
Anthony is spot on - depends on the BMS/charger system installed on the UEV.

We have a 490 Evolution which has the REDARC BMS system, and this its own built-in regulator. So I've had to disconnect the regulator from behind the Conqueror supplied solar panel to get it to pump amps into the UEV's battery system. That was a simple process, because this solar panel has Anderson plugs located between panel and regulator.  In other words, the panel in not hard-wired to the regulator.

I have a second set of solar panels (120W unit), which has the panels hard-wired to the regulator.
So I am in the process of installing Anderson Plugs (arrived today) between regulator and panel. This modification is for 2 reasons:
1. When I use the 120W solar panel on the UEV, I need to isolate the regulator due to onboard REDARC regulator; and, on the other hand,
2. When I use the 120W solar panel on my car battery, then I do need the regulator.

By the way, does anyone know what wattage output from the alloy backed solar panels, supplied by Conqueror??

Cheers for now, Filbee56

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Hi Filbee.
I have one of the alloy backed panels and was told it is 100W but I find I am lucky to get 3.5 amps even on a sunny day out of it this is with no regulator at direct into the bms 1215 from redarc. So I have a conqueror fold up panel at 120W and its much better.



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