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Hi all just wanted people's thought or ideas on my rear recovery points. Now I know they won't be accessible in all situations and I will all ways use a balance strap and recover using both. They are 12mm plate with a 20 mm piece welded on. Held in place using 4X 12mm high tensile bolts. I know the welds can't be verified for strength unless they are x ray tested but I had this done by a guy who runs a light steel shop so hopefully his welds are good.

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Looks good, as long as you only use a constant pull and not a snatch strap style jerk which is what I think you where saying anyway. Looking at the welds I' d say the week point may be the bolts? If we have a mechanical engineer out there maybe they could shed a bit more light on that side of it. I viewed a you tube clip of a commander going over a huge sand dune and they had a recovery sling attached to each swing arm so similar location point.

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