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i see this post is bit old now but my 2c worth, i just installed a 250w panel on the roof on my 440. on average with fridge, fans, some TV/ radio, hot water, lights at night etc id use around 20% SOC per 24hours from 2 batteries monitored via my BMS, after 7 days camping  and the first 2 days raining and heavy cloud i packed up camp with batteries at 90% charge. the week prior to this i was on fraser (central station with no sun) i had to turn frige off after 4 days to save batteries for fans and lights. 250w panel gives me max 11.5amps full sun, even overcast day anywhere 2-4 amps. i originally bought portable 60w power film but didnt do much for camper, i now use it to trickle 4wd batteries when parked up for the day. 
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