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     My wife and I just purchased a 2014 UEV 490 that had been imported to the United States back in 2014.  We are setting it up for the first time today and I will be searching through the forum and asking questions about a few things.  Thank you all for sharing information.


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G-Day Tom

Welcome to the forum

my 490 is also 2014 model, there are lots of mods that many of us have done to

our UEVs hope you have fun checking them out and working out which ones suit you and your wife.

I'm sure many of us will be able to help with any questions.

Regards from Aus

Dave and Tricia

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Hey Tom,
We are also in Oregon (central). We have a 2016 440 that we’ve only had for a year so are relatively new at it as well but happy to help where ever we can.

Hope to see you out on the road sometime. We’ll be easy to spot since there aren’t very many of us!
Happy Travels.


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Welcome Tom. And, a great choice of camper. 

No doubt you will find some great modifications (personalisations) undertaken by fellow Conqueror camper owners here in Australia.  It appears to be everyone's wish to put their stamp on their camper to improve on the great design, and we too have benefited from those mods. 

Do stay in touch as you become more familiar with the 490, and do post up some of your travels. Always nice to see different scenery.

Wishing you clear roads and skies. 


2013 LC200 TTD Sahara - Ex-Demo 10/2014 UEV-490 Evolution with the lot.
Dawn Chere

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Hey all Finally got my approval for posting hope to learn lots more.  and share right side up pics of our camping trips.  Thank you to everyone who has been helping us, here on the forum and some of the different suppliers of the contents of the the awning and the heater.  Even with the few problems we've had and the additional costs associated we already really love the Conqueror 490 Evolution we have.

Dawn Chere
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