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Hi Members, 

We are pleased to announce our first Forum sponsor;  'Adventure Overland' have kindly come on board as a sponsor and this will allow us to remove those pesky adds from the forum and free up space for more content.

Introducing - 

Please join me in thanking and welcoming Adventure Overland for their support.


William the Conqueror

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Well that didn't take long did it!

Come on board advertising a "New" and "necessary" Facebook page - become a site administrator - then take over the site!

Call me parochial or even cynical, but one of the great things about this site was its lack of ownership by a company or companies.

I was more than happy to donate, and actively encouraged others to do the same, to keep the forum out of the hands of a company and a place where members could freely criticise the product/service if it was warranted. How long will this last - given previous owners of the site (who had tenuous connections to Conqueror Australia) removed huge numbers of negative posts about Conqueror Australia?

Perhaps it is important to maintain full disclosure Matt - who are the Owners of the "new sponsor"? I notice you have deleted all your previous posts that link yours and your brothers connection to Adventure Overland.

Interesting times ahead methinks!



Vive Les Peuerels
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