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Went to Camping show in Sydney yesterday and of course called by Conqueror for a look.

I was well impressed with the new beds on the 440. Gone are the external "bows" and round shaped canvas. In their place is new square design canvas (similar to the 490 shape) and an internal "fold up" frame to hold it all up.

This improvement will save a least 3 mins on the set up per bed and the same on pack up, do away with 6 different pieces of metal rods and move the set up to inside.

I can feel an upgrade coming on........

Other things new to the 440 were -

RedArc BMS standard across all models ( replaces C-Tek, provides 12v DC/DC charger and advanced solar management)

New mattresses (now all joined together rather than pieces)

Hard plumbed kitchen water supply

New design rear midgee mesh door

Heavy duty front nose cone/drawer bar (sourced straight from the 490)

Overall great improvements.

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I've just collected my new 440, and although I love the design, some of those new features also have draw backs.

The bed fold out is quick and easy, but if it's raining and you're doing a quick overnight stop, you really need to put up the awning over the bed section - so no time saved and a bit of a hassle.

The RedArc BMS is excellent!

The mattresses joined together are a pain. They may be better to sleep on - I don't know because I've got no comparison. However, they are bulky and difficult to move. Makes it impossible to use the side bed as a single. My mattresses are already getting torn by being dragged over the velco to try to position them - I've just ordered additional Velcro to tape over the velco glued to the bed frame.

Love the water plumbed in and the rear bug screen.

The front storage box is fine, but the gas bottle holders on mine look like my son made them in year 8 metal work class. Crap, poorly fitted and ugly as well. Will have to replace these before too long as I doubt they're going to survive the distance.
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