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Just wanting to see if anyone has fitted either helper airbags (Airbagman or similar) to their stock springs or replaced the whole spring with a full airbag setup like that available from Tough Touring?

My camper is seems to sag quite a bit and can get up a bit of a sway which I think is mostly due to the springs being at their limit, I've replaced shockies but no significant difference.  I don't overload camper but not sure how well setup these things are from the factory.

Any info appreciated.


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Hi Stretto78,
Have a read of Matt's post under suspension strap sounds like he's modified his and got good results. I have only modified the front draw bar which in creased the ball weight to about 10% of the trailers total weight and this did make a big difference when towing. Good luck keep us posted in what you do.

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Hey Stretto78,

Replacing the shocks will only help control the spring, it has no effect in keeping the ride height where it should be. If you unbolt the shocks completely you will see it does not drop at all. The airbag assist kit from J-Spec will assist the sagging issue - It can actually raise the camper by up to 20mm when inflated to 40 psi  and drastically improve the towing. Mark from tough touring can install these kits also.  20190212_200125.jpg  20190415_120017.jpg  20190415_122130.jpg

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