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Hi Guys and Guyesses

hema hn7.png 

I have been using the new 7" Hema HN7 GPS for the last few days and I gotta say - it is well worth it!

Some of you have seen my tug and would have noticed I used to run a Garmin 276c into a small, solid state hard drive notebook, that I had on a RAM support between the 2 front seats.

This set up has served me well for the last 14 years but the Garmin has, finally, decided it has travelled enough dirt roads and wants a rest (it was taking so long to acquire the satellites that often I had already arrived before it had finished acquiring)

So I took the opportunity to replace the Garmin with the new HN7

This is an awesome bit of gear. In fact I believe I will be able to stop using the notebook and rely entirely upon the HN7

I will put a link on this page to the HEMA website so you can see all the technical stuff so I will just use this report for the 'real life' stuff that I have found

What do I like about HN7

  • Nice big and clear screen
  • Touch screen - finger - so no cumbersome stylus.
  • Street maps (On-Road - iGo Primo) are clear, current and easy to see (I started off with 2D because that was what I was used to with my old Garmin but now use 3D  - so much better to view and then identify with the actual road you are on)
  • 4WD maps (Off-Road - EziOzi)
  • Intuitive commands - logical and sensible screen prompts
  • Voice prompts for the Street Navigation turn-by-turn advise when course changes come up 800mtrs prior to event - great when towing Conqueror - give plenty of time to move over in the lane etc
  • Bluetooth allows you to connect smart phone to HN7 - downloading phone contacts into unit was easy
  • Little pictures pop up of off ramps and lane changes on free/motor way and also shows the overhead signage prior to reaching it
  • In multiple lanes it highlights the best lane to be in long before reaching the land change area
  • A small icon sits in top left which shows next 'event' (roundabout, lane change, turn etc) which shows how many meters until reaching the event and what direction or what roundabout exit you will be taking - again great when towing
  • Main screen can be configured to show various data fields - around town I use Speed, Time and ETA. But you can have Altitude, and a couple of others if you want.
  • Speed camera alert - not that I would EVER need that
  • Over speed warning -or this
  • Mobile speed camera alert - definitely no need for this
  • lots of POI's
  • Camps 7 POI's together with Camp Snaps of each site

  • What don't I like about HN7

  •  The volume for the voice control, even at full, can be hard to hear -especially with my 4x4 with its noisy tyres, HF radio and UHF radio and air cond all on at the same time - but honestly if I drop the air con back to mild wind storm rather than the hurricane setting I usually have it on and reduce the static from the comms it is fine (you get a choice of male or female voices)
  • Once you disconnect the unit from the 12v cigarette lighter supply you only get about 1 to 1.5 hours of use before the battery goes flat (this can vary slightly depending on what you are doing with the unit at the time - what resources you are using). Now ordinarily this short battery life wouldn't be an issue after all it is car navigation aid. But I like to do a bit of Geocaching and whilst I should be able to find most caches within and hour it would be nice to have a little bit more time.

If you want any more info drop me a line or come chat with me at the CON-NAT14 get together at Innamincka starting on the 16th August

But in Summary - this will be my best buy of 2014 I am sure


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KA we too have been looking at various options on the market and the HN7 seems to fit the bill. The other advantage is that can accommodate a reversing camera as well.

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Been looking at the HN7 for a while - and it's a must have for a Simpson trip next year. Thought I'd share that RAA (SA) has it on sale at the moment for members for $566.10 with free shipping. Pretty good price as most places retail it for $699. Finally bit the bullet at this sale price.
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