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We believe that camping needs to be fun and relaxing. For us this means that camp setup and teardown time needs to be less than 3 minutes and can be done by a single individual, our camper needs to be 100% reliable (both technically as well as weatherproof), as lightweight as possible and behave well behind our tow vehicle. Our priorities are furthermore a fixed bed with a real mattress that sleeps as well as our bed at home, a fantastic kitchen with superb pantry, and plenty of storage space so that we can stay off grid for long periods.

If this sounds like you as well, then read on: we’ve got a great camper for you.

We are selling our 2014 UEV-440 Extreme. We’ve done a 7500 Km trip to the Red Centre, and travelled back over the Oodnadatta and Birdsville track, we’ve done a 8500 Km trip to Kakadu as well as many trips to local destinations such as Fraser and Stradbroke Island.

Total travel distance is less than 18,000 Km, largely because we have some great destinations close to our home. The reason we’re selling is because we’ve fallen in love with the outback and want to do things like the Canning stock route where camper trailers simply aren’t allowed and so we have to look for options that do not include a trailer.

This UEV has been converted into an absolute dream (at least, that’s what we think of it).

What makes it special is:

  • It’s converted into a fixed bed camper with a King size bed with spring mattress in the front of the UEV (similar to a TVan)!

  • Two Euro windows can be opened for a cool breeze during the night.

  • Two wall mounted LED reading lights on each side of the bed.

  • Two Sirocco fans will cool you down even further.

  • It has 640W of solar on the roof, connected to the RedArc BMS using Cool Bypass switches. This is a very energy efficient system with about double the capacity of what is needed to keep the 210Ah AGM batteries full, which means that even on a cloudy day it’s likely that the solar system can top up the batteries. On a sunny day, the batteries are usually full at 10AM.

  • Gas system has been upgraded to be compliant with current gas regulations, i.e. a double dome regulator with bajonet connector mounted next to the gas bottles. This bajonet then allows for a quick connection to a long hose that is permanently connected to the gas cooker: this setup makes setting up the gas cooker a 10 second job.

  • Weight has been fanatically reduced and heavy components are located close to the axle to ensure it behaves very well behind any tow vehicle. Our fully loaded camper for a 4 week holiday weighs under 1500Kg. Still 300 Kg load capacity remaining.

  • All side walls and roof have been insulated.

  • Access into the camper is super easy due to the fact that the spare wheel has been completely removed from the back.

  • The electrical system has been completely redone, with batteries and other electrical components placed in ideal locations and connected using best practices. Wires to big users such as fridge and webasto are very short, reducing voltage drops.

  • Switches for pump, water heater and inverter are where you need them most: in the kitchen/pantry.

  • The water system has been completely overhauled, it now has two completely separate tanks, a water filter, good working tank breathers, water flow sensors, and the ability to pump directly from a river, a bucket, etc.

  • All door fasteners have been replaced with reliable ‘locking over centre’ lockers to ensure that doors stay closed, even on corrugated roads.

  • To improve security the camper comes with a set of eight key-alike locks to lock every opening as well as a lock for the DO35 hitch and a super heavy duty chain and lock to secure one wheel to the suspension arm.

  • A Quick Pitch shower tent and shower head with thermostatically controlled temperature control makes taking showers a pleasure without wasting any water.

  • Water tanks are reinforced with extra bracing underneat.

  • Reversing camera with infra red vision during night time makes reversing a breeze.

  • Inside storage space for a 2Kw generator.

  • Remote on/off switchable 220V inverter, with outlet in the pantry as well as an outlet inside the camper.

  • 76L ARB fridge/freezer.

  • Webasto hot water system.

  • The kitchen drawers have been modified and now provide ample storage to all cutlery, pots and pans, water kettle, mugs, tea, etc.

  • Complete set of canvas walls to complement the original big Awning.

  • For long distance touring trips we use a separate smaller awning that can be setup in seconds and is included in the sale.

  • Spare set of Vehicle Components wheel bearings (for two axles).

  • Three 255/85 R16 BFG KM2 tires on ZU rims (load capacity of 1400Kg per rim). Each wheel has one security wheel nut to deter theft.

  • Towball weight scale.

  • Four Wolf pack storage boxes.

  • Two steel diesel jerry cans.

  • All pegs and ropes come in a nice Irwin toolbag.

The total cost of the camper (including Solar system, Webasto, spring mattress, Fridge, Quick Pitch, etc) is far north of 65K. It’s yours for 45K ono.


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Hi 4fun.  I noticed in your earlier post on the over centre catches, that you had a piece of square tube under the striker plates.  On the photos in this post they don't appear to be there.  Did you discover that the catches will work without the packing, or have you devised another way of dealing with it?

I hope you've managed to sell your van!
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