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Selling our beloved 2010 UEV 440 Extreme camper Top of the range. Webasto Diesel Hot water, Internal heater - works well. -3 overnight our last camp but toasty inside.
Does NOT have Fridge. We used a Waeco CFX 65 in it problem with heaps of extra space. We used a very large Coleman Fire night gas stove shown in the pics. This does not come with the camper. You can use what ever stove you wish.
Electric brakes a few extra LED lights and high output USB ports for charging devices. Ctek M300 charger. Comes with 2 x Optima Yellow top batteries approximately 3 years old, tested by Marshal Batteries recently and passed with flying colours. New carpet. Plus a few extra small bits and pieces to make life easier. Comes with Boab shower/ensuite - basically brand new, used twice. In excellent condition. Flick Mixer shower with Webasto Diesel Hot water system. In Cabin Webasto heater. Full awning and walls. Walls only used 3 times, all canvas is in excellent condition.

It has all terrain tyres on it at present but will have the original off road larger tyres put back on when sold. It is the same rims as in the pics. We just put lower profile tyres on to get it in our carport. The wheels will be swapped over with the offload larger ones we have on our new second hand 490 when the 440 is sold.
Comes with additional side awning for quick o overnight stops. Takes about 2 min to set up with poles fixed to the awning. Very easy to set up.
Well loved with expected blemishes for its age, I haven't touched up any of the small minor paint chip or surface rust spots so it's original. Very sound and sturdy. Inspection welcome any time south side of Brisbane in Coorparoo.
Asking $34,990K ono.
Any queries at all please post your query, I'll respond ASAP.

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Just dropped the price to $33,990 as I need to sell the camper to make room for my new one. Inspection welcome anytime.

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We need it gone. dropped the price again to $29,990. We need it gone by Christmas. All enquiries welcome.
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